Spring is about new life; correct? OK count the Joey's we bet you can't make em stay still long enough.  But there's no better place to kick back and try than Boroka

What a great time to visit; not only is the Park resplendent with bubbling streams, gushing falls and a cloke of many greens there are the "civilised" options as well; like vineyards, olive groves, fine dining, grazing platters or a local pie by a stream; so "gourmet it up" by day and recline and enjoy the bright night skys. 

And best of all the sunrises and sunsets from your deck at Boroka bloody beautiful

Spend a day out and about or sleep til noon and laze around.

Ahh Boroka .

Dawn at the Bungalow.JPG    

You just might miss the sunrises snoozing, or you can get out and about with the kangas early, now there's an option!




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